Current Projects
Arizona Navajo | Solar Power & Clean Water Access

"Our goal is to design and construct solar-powered off-grid water systems for families on the Navajo Reservation who lack access to running water."

Nicaragua | Sanitation, Education, and Development

"The objective of this project is to partner with the rural community of San Sebastián, Nicaragua to improve their construction methods and develop community capacity through the implementation of a new school house."

California Anza | Water Project

"The goal of this project is to aid a group of professional engineers on a water pipeline in Anza, California to provide water for hundreds of local residents. We believe that by doing so, we will gain necessary industry experience and learn about engineering culture after college."

Past Projects
Ethiopia | Support for Better Education

"Our goal is to provide the necessary tools for students to thrive in their education. By building a library near the school, we hope to provide a space for students of the local community to learn and grow."

Thailand Schoolhouse (2013-2015)

"The long term goal of the school is to provide early childhood education, therefore increasing the likelihood of the pursuit of higher education which improves the socio-economic situation for the Palaung hill tribe and the surrounding community."

Guatemala Rain Harvest and Water Distribution Project (2013-2014)

"UCLA-EWB has partnered with CasaSito, a local Guatemalan Non-Governmental Organization, to build rainwater catchment systems throughout the community of Chocantairy, Guatemala. So far we have successfully implemented thirty-three (33) rainwater collection systems that are actively in use."


"BOOTUP was founded in 2005 as a way to tie in outreach and community work with engineering and specific technical skills...The purpose of this project is to bring basic computer tools to students which can be used to further the education process."

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