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Assessment Trip Updates!

This past March, a travel team consisting of seven members, was able to travel to Uganda for our assessment trip! It was an incredible learning experience. We were able to meet the Bukonko community and develop relationships. Additionally, we gained vital information that will assist in our implementation phase and ensure we implement the best possible water system for the Bukonko community! Below are some pictures that highlight our trip!

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In May of 2021, our chapter was officially approved to partner with the Bukonko community in southeastern Uganda. This community of over 1300 members does not have a clean and reliable water source which has led to lost time, severe illness, and premature death. In Uganda, 17% of deaths in children under the age of five are simply due to diarrhea and other related illnesses which has touched us to give safe water a top priority for our beneficiary communities in Iganga district. The women of the community spend the most productive hours of their day in search of safe water, which is often in distant places, affecting their socio-economic well being.

It is the duty of our chapter, along with a qualified REIC (Responsible Engineer in Charge) and local community members and partners to help ensure that the Bukonko Community has access to clean water in the next two years. This goal will require two main steps: assessment and implementation.

The assessment phase is extremely important to making sure we know the current circumstances at hand and can find what solutions will be best for the communities. The current assessment is that hand wells must be dug deep into the earth, but this may change after the assessment. The implementation phase is when we will be able to build the designed solution. We hope to complete this by Summer 2022 and be able to bring other support to the community through other engineering solutions, such as cleaner energy or sustainable infrastructure.

Bukonko, Uganda



If you would like to help the Bukonko Community and us with the execution of this project, please support us using the following link


Please email for any questions or join our slack here!

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"The goal of this project is to design and build a sustainable water source for the Bukonko Community in Uganda and provide water for over 1,300 community members. We believe that by doing so, we will truly make a positive impact on the world while gaining necessary industry experience for the professional world.”

We'd like to give a big thank you to our sponsors!

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